It is an essential that a person continues to grow. Since I stopped just shy of 5'2, I'll take that growth internally.

Welcome to my playground.

"Some people think design means how it looks. But, of course, if you dig deeper, it's really about how it works"
- Steve Jobs

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A Story

Not all edges are sharp. Not all corners have to be cut. Professional doesn’t equal stodgy. Opinionated doesn’t equal closed. Being a leader doesn’t mean bossy. Travelled doesn’t mean boastful. A part doesn’t equal the whole. Expand your view. She’ll laugh at her own jokes and bring in goodies. She’s energetic and resourceful with just a touch of nerdy (normal nerdy, not crazy nerdy). Ask her, she’ll tell you.

If I were a movie I'd be

Fifth Element

Because I'm super green


Home is where...

Where growing up moving around the world is normal. Learning to get around in a foreign language. Going to high school sport tournaments involves a trip to another country. Visting family takes at least 24 hour travel time. Where the question "where did you grow up?" takes 20 minutes to explain and still follows with the question " where did you grow up?" Life is different and normal at the same time. I wouldn't have it any other way. For list's sake: Panama, Japan, Miami, Williamsburg, Romania, Tallahassee, Czech Republic, and D.C.

ecommerce is a lot of work

I got 20$ in my pocket

Cotton & Thread

The love of living in history

This project is the development of a friend's brand. eCommerce at its heart, with a beautiful shell of a shared history and a little funk. The brand also shares her blog that delves into her travels, everyday thoughts, and hopeful inspiration.

Music is just the start

The Venue

Be in the know

The Venue is a

Apps are cool and this one makes you cool

Music is just the start

Valiant Air Command

To honor the past, educate the future, and preserve our heritage.

Let's start with some funk

Sir Mix-a-Pop

Baby got pop.